Food delivery rider’s spooky encounter sparks social media stir in Thailand

A food delivery rider’s eerie expertise at a customer’s location sparked a heated debate on Thai social media. The encounter, shared by a Facebook consumer named Suwat Radomboon, unfolded in the early hours of right now when he arrived at a customer’s pin drop location, only to find a seemingly deserted, darkish constructing.
Suwat, a meals delivery rider, was left puzzled and unnerved by the desolate atmosphere of the constructing. He posted an image of the area, asking users whether he should call the shopper or simply flip the automobile round and depart.
The photo showed a pitch-black constructing resembling a deserted construction, devoid of electricity. The surrounding area was quiet and eerie, with no obvious signs of inhabitants.
The rider additional added that the entrance was utterly dark, overgrown with grass, and had waterlogged sections due to rain, making it difficult to navigate.
This chilling scenario pressured him to hunt advice from netizens. The on-line community swiftly reacted, dividing into two camps. One group instructed that he should retreat because the place seemed unsafe, especially at 1am. They expressed concern over the potential threat of a robbery, suggesting that he could be lured right into a trap.
On the opposite hand, some customers suggested him to call the customer first, suggesting that somebody may really reside throughout the building. Eventually, Suwat up to date that the client, equipped with a flashlight, had come down from the building to collect the meals. He reasoned that the lights may need been out within the constructing.
Despite this, some netizens nonetheless expressed scepticism, questioning whether the one that got here down to gather the food was the precise customer or perhaps one thing supernatural. Suwat then added that he had a lingering doubt as he had spoken with a feminine customer over the cellphone, but a male customer had come down to collect the meals, thanking him for doing meals supply at such an odd hour.
Even though Suwat successfully completed the meals supply, the mysterious constructing and its inhabitants continued to baffle him and the web community. To put his doubts and fears to rest, Suwat revisited the building in daylight, updating that there were indicators of habitation, including automobile tracks and clothes hanging on the third and first flooring. He also shared footage as proof.
The discussions continued among netizens, with some speculating that the building might be inhabited by homeless people or a caretaker. Others joked that the story was worthy of being featured on a Thai ghost story radio programme. With Concealed alleviated, Suwat concluded that he was no longer bothered about the mysterious supply encounter.
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